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Derek Wilson, Beakers, Pitchers and Box Set

Derek Wilson, Beakers, Pitchers and Box Set


March 01 2015

Derek Wilson’s deceptively simple porcelain and stoneware objects reference restraint, containment and minimalism. In tones such as grey, olive, teal and yellow, they sit quietly, yet purposefully as these are not only objects, which are beautiful to look at, they are to be used.

Derek Wilson frequently posts images of his work on Instagram. In this images, objects always appear in groupings and it is this treatment of the work that gives it another dimension, that of community and sociability. But they are images that also remind me of tableau vivant. They sit silently and motionlessly, evoking stories, memories, places and people. Earlier this week I received an image from Derek of beakers, pitchers and a box set currently on their way to SO Fine Art Editions in Dublin. For me, the little yellow porcelain cylinders peeping out of their long grey container evoked images of daffodils and a lovely reminder that Easter is on the way.


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