Launch of new craft network in Carlow

Emma Jane Champley, photography by Rory Moore

Emma Jane Champley, photography by Rory Moore


May 12 2014

Craft has always had a part to play in everyday life. Since vessels were first made from clay, clothing was fashioned from wool and precious metals were used for adornment, making has been intrinsic to our lives. Over the centuries, the story of craft has evolved; from the middle ages through to the industrial revolution and the Arts and Crafts movement it has, at various times, been both centre stage and at the margins. Now in the 21st century there are more and more signs that craft is on the ascent. There is a renewed interest in making and a desire to connect with the real, the authentic and the handmade.

 FORM is a group of makers who live and work in the Carlow region of Ireland. Creating wearable pieces as well as functional and sculptural objects in textiles, metal, wood and clay, the group plans to engage in select exhibitions and events with the purpose of raising the profile of both individual members and of the network in general.As they begin their journey – I wish them every success in their endevours in the months and years to come.


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