Making it Work as a Maker

Sinéad Lough

Sinéad Lough


July 29 2014

On a recent break in Dingle, I came across ceramic artist, Sinéad Lough who has a studio in a remote part of the peninsula, very near to Gallarus Oratory. Having recently visited a number of the recent graduate shows and through my continuing mentoring work with makers, the subject of making your business work is ever present. For those who wish to carve out a successful career as a maker, the challenge of selling your work, whether through gallery or retail outlets or directly to the consumer, can be great while for those working at the highest level, creating studio craft and museum quality work, opportunities in Ireland are limited while internationally, it can be difficult to access galleries and gain representation.

It was refreshing therefore to see a young maker working in a beautiful location, making and selling successfully from her studio. Sinéad’s functional and decorative hand thrown earthenware pieces are beautifully made, bright, fun and guaranteed to brighten up your day and if you can’t get to Dingle – watch out for Sinéad Lough at the annual the RDS Crafts & Design Fair.


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