Secret Keepers

Julie Scott

Julie Scott


May 6 2014

Julie Scott’s beautiful ethereal figures, with ornate, Victorian gowns, act as a portal into a bygone time and a reminder of those who have existed before us. Oxides are used to visually decay the clay surface and their gowns are a faded reminder of their owners’ former glory. Two of these figure form part of the upcoming ‘YOUNG’ exhibition at SO Fine Art Editions, Dublin. However in edition to the two figures, Scott has also created two exquisite pairs of hand-built ceramic shoes for the show.

Textured with vintage lace, they are finished with porcelain, oxides and transparent glaze with rust and crackled green glass. Called ‘Secret Keepers’, they are casually positioned and appear as if their owner has just stepped away. We wonder if they plan to ever return and what are the secrets they keep? YOUNG opens at SO Fine Art Editions on Thursday May 8th.


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