Seliena Coyle recognised by the Golden Fleece Award

Seliena Coyle, ‘Seoid 3’, image by Sylvain Deleu

Seliena Coyle, ‘Seoid 3’, image by Sylvain Deleu


March 08 2015

The decision by Seliena Coyle to re-engage with her practice and create a new body of work is an exciting prospect for those interesting in contemporary art jewellery. Seliena has just been announced as the 2015 Golden Fleece overall award winner, her prize money affording her the opportunity to undertake a sustained period of research with a view to developing new work.

I had the opportunity to work briefly with Seliena on dubh – dialogues in black in 2011. Her work in that exhibition, from the Bogland series, presented a refreshing new Irish aesthetic and completely held its own alongside work by more established US makers. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, my interest in art jewellery goes back over a number of years and I’ve listened to many conversations as to why this area of craft still lags behind other disciplines in profile.

There are probably many reasons but one may be accessibility. In an article by Clare Finin in Art Jewelry Forum, the author discusses how art jewellery is commonly presented on clean pedestals or hung on white walls, thus remaining off the body and out of reach. ‘Why’, asks Finin ‘are we as a field more apt to talk about how work interacted with an exhibition space than we are with how work interacted with our bodies and those of others through the act of wearing?’ Good point – maybe one for curators to consider…


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