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August 29 2015

This post marks a departure from my usual themes and topics, however if you are interested in Irish design history – it may appeal. With many events marking the 1916 centenary taking place over the next year, I’m delighted to have been invited to prepare a lecture series for the Adult Continuing Education Department at University College Cork entitled ‘Shaping Identity: Nationalism and the Decorative Arts in Ireland, 1860 – 1916’.

As Ireland’s struggle for independence continued throughout the nineteenth century, the country witnessed much political, economic and social upheaval as it moved towards events of 1916. Yet, in the decades leading up to the rising, Ireland’s path to political freedom was increasingly being viewed through a cultural lens and a growing sense of national identity helped define many artistic and craft based movements.  In addition the desire to address Ireland’s economic difficulties through the revival of Irish industry and training of its workforce, also contributed to the canon of Irish applied art at this period.

The course highlights significant milestones in the decorative arts and crafts from 1860 to 1916 and looks at how the path to 1916 can be traced through the story of movements such as the Home industries, Celtic Revival and the Arts & Crafts Society of Ireland.

Starting Thursday 1st October at UCC, Cork. For further information check out the UCC: Adult Continuing Education Department.


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