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Sara Flynn Vanilla Gesture Vessel image by Stefan Syrowatka

Sara Flynn Vanilla Gesture Vessel image by Stefan Syrowatka


January 22 2014

With a renewed interest in making over recent years evident in both the world of fine art and design, there are more and more signs that studio craft is in the ascent. In addition, an increasing focus on twenty first century applied arts by major international galleries and auction houses, as well as its increased presence at major fairs has all helped to legitimise collecting craft. This in turn has drawn more and more collectors to the world of studio craft.

While craft has, according to curator Sarah Griffin who curated the Modern Makers exhibition in 2013 at Chatsworth House, occupied ‘a quieter, specialist, even academic realm of collecting’ exhibitions like Modern Makers have put craft center stage, alongside fine art, and in doing so invited collectors to do likewise.

Taste Contemporary Craft is another exhibition, which aims to put craft center stage. Presenting work by 25 leading artists, it’s good to see a strong Irish presence with Frances Lambe, Sara Flynn, Joseph Walsh, Róisín de Buitléar and Joe Hogan showing alongside a number of internationally renowned names.  Many of the artists showing in this exhibition have been traditionally viewed within a craft environment only.  However, as the creative director of Taste, Brian Kennedy points out, ‘the borders between Art, Craft and Design have always been fluid’ and with an increasing interest in the hand made within art and design, these are makers ‘whose work is increasingly placed within a larger, more open, cultural landscape’.

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